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The Project: Another update!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

So some nice things and some not so nice things. One of our programmers had to drop out, his full-time required too much of him. However, he realized this and dropped off before it got to be too late so it wouldn't cause any problems. Great dude, but unfortunately it just didn't work.

However, I do have good news! I got an update on the overworld map sent to me, and I saw it, and it was good. I also got a huge update from my other artist of creatures and the characters and I am excited beyond excitement. Thrilled? Titillated? Those words don't enough describe my level of fervor as it pertains to this news.

We have our first meeting this Saturday. I cannot wait!


LoneIslander said...

Sounds like you're making some decent progress despite your programmer dropping out.

aamedor said...

cant wait to see some inparticulars

Charles said...

Good luck.

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