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Nerdery: Blogger Stats Part Four!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So it's that time again, gentlebloggers. The time where we get to see... Statistics! The heavily populated USA got the most views at 468, firefox at 455, and windows at 758. I will update this post a bit later with the promised picture of me holding the flag. Who will get the most views for the coming month? I've never seen the Argentinian flag, will I next month? Or will I see the same US flag that I have always known?

I am still surprised at the amount of windows users compared to Mac users for the blogging scene, at 758 to 30. Firefox still tops the charts at 455 (44%) and then chrome at 323 (31%). Another surprise for me, as I thought everyone moved to chrome, but I guess not. Although there are quite a bit of mobile browsers in here, and mobile devices as well. Android actually comes in second for pageviews by OS, and I am kind of proud of that. I don't seem to have any views from the eastern half of the map, which is a bit odd, I think.

Until next time, ladies and gents!

Edit: Been way busy, but I will remember to get that flag. Don't worry, my fellow Americans.


Milky said...

I've yet to get a Linux user o;

Mr Jack House said...

A little learning is a dangerous thing

Diego Sousa said...

no one uses mac :P

Dragmire said...

I like Chrome but I still prefer Firefox.

Khorne said...

I really like Chrome (actually I'm using Chromium), it runs smoother on my laptop.

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