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Gaming: Beat Hazard

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beat Hazard is an excellent reanimation of the standard "asteroids" style gameplay. It takes you in a ship blasting aliens and huge balls of junk with intense visuals and gameplay speeds that depend on your music. Want some slower-paced gaming? Pick a more mellow song. Want something that will keep you on edge, where you will forget to blink and barely remember to breathe? Throw some Dragonforce in the mix. It's got rankings, upgrades, single player and multiplayer (co-op or head to head!), great music for everyone (if you don't like the song you're listening to, why do you have it?), and multiple game modes. Their classic version is also included, however to get the online and boss rush modes, as well as a bunch of extra upgrades, you'll have to purchase the Beat Hazard Ultra addition. It's all fairly inexpensive, and as well available on the XBLA (save "Ultra"), and - get this - created by a one-man crew over at Cold Beam Games.

My opinion: Buy it. Buy it all. Have fun getting all the achievements!


Tabasco1 said...

the whole music thing is pretty dam cool D; just watched a video on youtube after reading this

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