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Nerdery: Autofill

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This may be an odd subject, but I have often wondered; Autofill will complete titles of some things for you, but where one title might give you suggestion list "x," another will give you suggestion list "y." Now here's my question: What determines which list it pulls up? The world may never know. As an example, for this post, the title section gave some options from the Meetup site that I use, however, when I would create a topic for, say, a Tumblr post, I would get suggestions for, not just previous Tumblr posts, but also from posts on one of the forums that I frequent. Anyone who has met me knows I'm a bit of a lazy ass, and can't be bothered to look anything up unless I'm really bored, or trying to win an argument, so I'm just gonna guess that its because some websites use the same cookie-cutter posting tools as other sites. Maybe I should ask a web designer.


Christian said...

I believe that sometimes it pulls up a list of your recent entries into the thing, the more recent at the top. That's my guess

Alnair said...

Web designer here. The browser uses the internal name and label of the field. For example, an "e-mail" field shows a list of addresses you typed in other "e-mail" fields.

Exception: username / password fields are (or should be) exclusive for each domain.

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