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Nerdery: Blogger Stats

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What kind of a geek would I be if statistics didn't interest me? Not a good one, I'm sure. So using blogger, I have a stats tool that tells me where my readers are from, and what browsers they are using. As it's still early on in my blog's oh-so-new introduction to the glorious internet, I don't have much yet, but I'll be logging my blog stats as we go. Once a week, maybe, sounds good.

54% of my readers in the USA. It's interesting to me, because I would think it would be a higher percentage.
19% in Denmark. Another odd one, it's not a place I think about often, but it seems that it's the next highest percentage of my readers. I would think that the UK would be higher, but it's only at 6 percent of my readership.

Another thing that gets me here, 100% of my readers use Windows, so far anyway. I always though the blogging crowd would have been you mac people out there.

Let's see what we get next week!


ThirtySeven said...

Mac users are few and far between. The people have spoken!

Anonymous said...

nice stats

Jonny said...

I am lucky enough to recieve a more developed following, and I can tell you that you will mainly get Americans, who use either Firefox or Chrome, and use Windows. :D

KuntaJay said...

Have to agree with Jonny, but the second most views I get come from Germany.

Andrew said...

I wonder how much the content of your blog changes where your viewers are from. Anyone have any numbers on that?

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