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Nerdery: Blogger Stats 2!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So a week has passed, and I've got a lot more views to work with. I had 52 last week, and today I have a total of 371 views. Out of these, there are 117 that aren't appearing in the stats under "Operating Systems" but are appearing both in the "Countries" and "Browsers" section. Maybe those are our Mac people? That's about 32% of my readership that's on an uncounted operating system.

Somehow I have more viewers from Argentina than from anywhere else in the world. Those of you from Argentina, feel free to leave a comment. I'd like to hear how you found me!

The USA is second with 155 views, and then a drastic drop from there to the UK, with 15 views.

The most popular browser is Firefox, for my readers, with the Apple feed reader in second and Chrome down from first to third in this, then we have Mobile Safari, then Safari, then Ubuntu (They have a browser called Ubuntu? I thought it was just the OS with that name) and in last place, and I'm slightly surprised it's being used, Internet Explorer with 2 views.

Those with IE, go download a better browser. Try Firefox or Chrome.


Charles Godfrey said...

Ubuntu is just a GNU/Linux distribution. If the browser get identified as Ubuntu then there's something wrong there.
I am from Argentina, I found you because you commented on my blog, haha.
I'll follow you =]

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