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Gaming: Child of Eden

Monday, June 27, 2011

We picked up Child of Eden yesterday, for the Xbox360, and It's definitely a great buy. If you liked the game Rez, this one is definitely for you, but I believe it's one everyone should try. We haven't played it on controller-mode yet, we've only played using kinect, and I have a feeling that this is how it needs to be played. It provides an immersive experience of an arcade-shooter like no other game out there.

The first thing I noticed when I heard about Child of Eden was the music and visuals. It was no less than beautiful, and one of the reasons we got it. This game shows why video games can be considered works of art. It plays to the beat of the music, and you will get a score multiplier for releasing a fully locked-on laser blast to the beat of the music. When you first start, you notice how fun it is to be directing all of the gameplay using your own two hands. Like a controlling the world kind of experience. I imagined I was a mage flinging fireballs instead of lasers. Seriously a blast of a game! On top of all this, Child of Eden is also challenging, and something that gets harder as the levels progress. I find this refreshing, as most games now have the problem of never getting harder as the levels play through, and it just gets boring. No sense of accomplishment is gained from beating a final boss that was as easy as the first.

As much as I like the game, though, it does have it's downsides, and I wouldn't feel right without telling you. It doesn't give much in the way of explanation. The first level, it tells you how to fire the two different weapons, and it tells you how to get and use the support items, and that's about it, aside from the backstory. If you read the manual, you'll figure out the rest, for the most part, any way. The next problem is more a problem with the kinect, than with the game, but on control scheme "A," where you just switch hands to fire the other weapon, it will sometimes act as if you switched hands, even if you haven't. This can be a problem, but if you go with the other control scheme, you just clap your hands at about chest level as if you were about to do some form of an oriental bow. This does make the problem occur less, but it's not as smooth of a transfer from one weapon to the other. The final gripe I have, and probably the one that matters the least, is that the opening scene is just way too long. I was asked if Child of Eden was "a game where you just stand around." But it's where all the backstory is, so I waited it out and got the information it provided, and played a game that is truly an amazing work of art; one for the gaming industry to hold as a flagship in the fight to let video games be recognized all around as a work of art.


Anonymous said...

already played that game
dont liked so much

ChickenBittle said...

Good game, good post

Daniel said...

don't like so much either

blorriepoes said...

i played it but its still good.
good post

Tabasco1 said...

want this i loved rez

Rask said...

Check out my blogs:

Anonymous said...

nothing to do...
i think i will try this game again

Thoon said...

I'd never heard of this game, I guess because I'm not a fan of motion stuff like the kinect, but I loved Rez. May be worth at least checking out on youtube.

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