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Gaming: How to Decide on a Gaming Rig

Friday, July 1, 2011

I have been asked many times how I decided on what parts to get when upgrading/building a new box, or if buying one pre-built, who to go to. So I figured I would put my answers here.

On building: First things first. You want it to look slick, right? Plan this one out. Find your case first. If you want something more unique, fabricate your own! It's not as hard as it sounds, with the right tools. Once you have your case decided, use the case size to decide on the motherboard. Generally, the larger motherboards provide a faster experience (this isn't always true, however. Do your homework! Read the reviews, etc.). Once you have that, make sure the RAM and graphics cards are compatible, as well as the processor. Many motherboards come with a processor, some don't. If you're willing to spend some money, go with dual graphics cards - but again, make sure the motherboard will support it. After you've got the RAM, graphics cards, and processor chosen, you can then go on to what you're putting in your drive bay. Blu-Ray? DVD? Zip drive? It's your call. I recommend a blu-ray, if you can spring for it. You can also find neat trinkets to go in there, such as a gauge that shows temperatures and fan speeds and such, or a cup holder and cigarette lighter (not even kidding!). Hard drives are fairly inexpensive, and if you go with a Solid State drive, you'll be paying a lot more for less storage, however, they are silent and much quicker. Most motherboards have good on-board sound. If you want a sound card, however, make sure you have enough room on your motherboard. After all of your lights and components and drink holders and whatever you want are picked out, it's time for you to get a power supply. This is something, again, that you need to make sure is compatible. Take note of the amount of power each component uses, then decide on your power supply. If all of this stuff doesn't come with fans, you'll need those. Head down to Radio Shack (or similar small electronics store) and pick a couple up, as well as a static guard wrist strap. Just in case, you know? Don't want to fry something brand new. If you don't have them, it's also good to pick up some electronics screwdrivers. Putting it together is fairly easy, just read any instructions and read the labels on your motherboard.

On Upgrading: Upgrading a system is easy enough, if you're gonna drop some bank on it, go for the high end stuff. If you're getting a new motherboard, consider replacing the whole computer; it can sometimes be much easier on your stress levels. Spawn campers stress you out enough, right? For anything else, just keep in mind any restrictions your have, whether it's power, case space, or money. Newegg usually has some great deals running that you can jump on there.

Finally, on Purchasing: The most important thing you can do is read reviews. If it's something you're gonna be using for some time, make sure it's aesthetically pleasing, or it's a case you can make so. Always watch out for deals, and find out who has a good warranty. I like the Alienware stuff myself, and they have good support there. You wont need to worry about making sure part "A" works with component "B" when "building" your computer through the different companies builders, and the drivers are almost always up-to-date. It's the most convenient, but can cost you more money than you're wanting to spend. To help with the price, always call up and order over the phone. The sales reps have a commissioned job, and can work with the price, and give you different discounts. If they have a card program, apply for it. Most companies give you a discount.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comments!


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