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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There are a few games that are coming out that I am super excited to play, but have to wait. The first, but likely the furthest away, is Grim Dawn from Crate Entertainment. It is the spiritual successor to the amazing Titan Quest that was tons of fun to play, and if you don't like it, you should be ashamed.

The next is, of course, Diablo 3. With the other two in the series repeatedly beaten, it is really past time for the third to come out. Stop horsing around, Blizzard. We know you're done. You've generated enough hype.

The third is Torchlight 2. I spent too many hours playing the first one, and I know the second will be just as fun. I just hope none of these games come out at the same time, otherwise I will have to quit my job, stop sleeping, and halt development on my own game to play them.

I'm not really interested in too much else at the moment. Child of Eden was a blast, and is replayable out the wazoo. Haven't had the chance, yet, to get Alice: Madness Returns.

Update on the game I have under development: I have decided on a working title. It will be called Spellplague for the time being. I have decided upon shunning both the talent tree system and the trainer system, instead, as you use more abilities in a certain family of abilities, you'll progress that family of abilities. This gives you the chance to really master your class. I am thinking of also letting characters who have beat the game start again with everything they mastered, and letting them master the other skill families as well.

If you can find a cope of it anywhere, you'll want to pick up Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicks Obscura. It is a great game, but an older one. It's got it's bugs and troika went out of business, but it's a pretty great game, albeit polarizing. You will grow to either love it or hate it.

This concludes tonight's updates, and with any luck, the fellows and/or ladies over at Crate Entertainment will respond to my email, and I may have a surprise for you dudes and dudettes.


LeroyBig said...

The only thing I'm looking forward to is Skyrim... CAN'T WAIT.

ready to grow said...

Great post. Not sure which one I'de like first

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