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Nerdery: Blogger Stats 3!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well I've waited long enough to do this again, so here we are. I am surprised that there are still people using Internet Explorer to browse the web. A couple browsers just say "Mobile" but not which mobile browser.

Windows is still the preferred OS, at 434, taking up a whopping 84% of the OS Pie. Android is next (beating out iPhone by 49, take that apple.) then Linux at 14, with Mac at 12, then iPhone at 2.

The Browser shows a similar trend, with Firefox and Chrome topping the charts, followed by an apple product, then Mobile Safari, then Safari, then IE (I mean seriously, guys. Why are you using this?) Ubuntu (I found out that some newer version of Ubuntu operates as a browser, similar to ChromeOS, and thats why it shows up as Ubuntu.) then the mysterious "mobile" and one lonely Opera user.

US has gained the lead for readers at 307 views from the US. Argentina still has a good chunk of the views, though, with 171. Germany is way down at thirteen. What are you doing, Germany? If you're from Germany, I want you guys to beat out Argentina in pageviews by next update (two weeks from now, maybe?). Whoever is top pageviews as a country will get me wearing or waving their flag at the end of the month. Can you beat USA?


LeroyBig said...

I'm a firefox guy, always will be. I wish they had firefox for iphone though :/

Charles Godfrey said...

I'm cheering for Argentina! woot woot!

Neon said...

Opera blocks all the ads which is an advantage for the Opera user, for you... not so much ;)
FF still is the best browser to me. Dont have any apple product aside from iPod and iTunes which I need to synchronize iPod. Apples policy sucks ;)

PabloO said...

Never tought Argentina made that count of views. Of course you deserve that, you have a great blog. Keep up the good work =)!

Jessica Thompson said...

Haha great! Followed! alphabetalife.blogspot.com

gog said...

let the games begin!

Chicarmoire said...

Work only allows IE. What's even funnier, some employees (primarily management and developers) get iPhones and iPads but our POS won't run in Safari. Stupid government.

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