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Nerdery: Censorship and Us.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have been told that because I live in the United States, I don't need to worry about censorship. It's not a problem here. However, that just simply isn't true. The United States Government can and will do whatever they want. I mean, the USDA probably doesn't have too many ulterior motives, but I'm pretty sure that some of the much-higher-paying sectors of our government have their own schemes going on.

Here's some things the Government would like us to just roll over and allow:

The Internet Blacklist Bill - This would allow the government to take any website down; not just in the USA, but off of the internet completely. It is made to fight piracy, but is so broad sweeping in it's statement that it will allow them to remove any website them deem unsavory.

The PATRIOT Act - This was needed once, and is still needed... in a much more revised manner. Currently, the way it is written and with the lack of proper surveillance on those who are using it, it is being abused. The FBI was caught spying on five children who hadn't done a damn thing wrong and they didn't match the voice profile of the person they said they were spying on. They weren't even speaking the same goddamned language!

The founder of a group that attempts to bring progress through peaceful means was arrested for allegedly downloading too many journal articles. I don't know enough about this particular happening to speak about it at any length, however you can read about it at Demand Progress.

Honestly, if I see the Internet Blacklist Bill go through, the PATRIOT Act go without reform, or Aaron Swartz charged with "felony computer hacking" when even the alleged victim said there were no damages and didn't want the guy prosecuted, I'm leaving the United States.


Anonymous said...

I never really liked the government. I live in Canada and I've never heard the equal to your USDA. Great post, really liked it.

gog said...

it is up to free thinkers to challenge the censors.
push the limits. and always practce free speech.
funny how communist russia was the enemy of the usa for so long, and now the usa begins to resemble ussr in its disregard of human rights and freedoms.

Steven said...

Always question authority

Magixx said...

lol, leaving the US and going where?! :D

I am from Germany and trust me, the US is right now much better than Germany could ever be!

Andrew said...

@magixx: I'll go to canada. Nice people there, and their summers don't feel like satan's asscrack, so it's at least a little better.

Pizza Boy Swag said...

The Patriot act is such bullshit

Doost said...

Canada is better, but not in a few aspects. Tighter gun restrictions, certain knives, we can't get good netflicks here.

Hot New Music Today said...

Wow, pretty angering stuff here.

Mekkor said...

German censorship is real hardcore. Blood can barely be seen and shooter games will never be realistic. Damn news always telling everyone that playing shooter games will make a psycho killer out of your child. oO
nice blog :D

ToDecomposeDude said...

@Mekkor - German censorship is a joke. People who are in favour of doing this crap probably think that guns should shoot flowers instead of bullets
also, followed+

Al3xaG said...

In Mexico there is hardly any censorship anymore.

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

Y'know, I dig your blog...and I really shouldn't make my first comment on a political post.

But I can't help it - the downright criminal acts the American government are pullin' nowadays just gets my hackles up so freaking hard!

You are absolutely correct in your point concerning the Internet Blacklist Bill, and even worse is the broadly-worded way it can take websites off the 'Net!! I'm a big believer in net neutrality (it doesn't help that I HAVE to be anonymous or the restaurants I verbally abuse or heap love on would know me on sight) and feel as strongly about it as I do my freedoms as an American.

But those freedoms have long been abused and toyed with by the Patriot Act - I hate to sound like an extremist, but the Patriot Act has already been proven useless and anti-American in what it does. Hell, the damn thing doesn't even work!

But we'll see...eventually the common people is either going to have to throw off their apathy and rise up in protest or drown in stagnation.

...gah, like I said I REALLY shouldn't've followed and posted on a political post, but this time around I just couldn't help m'self.

Cid said...

It's everywhere the same, censorship. Usually it's hidden behind political correctness, slogans and strange agendas. Political posts are a bit tought for me, I'm not into this I think...

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