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The Project: A Quick Mentioning.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I wanted to mention a couple things, and pose a few questions, about the game that is underway.

I have (almost!) finished getting into digital means all of the core character skills. I have a few more on the machinist to type up. We have decided that we will implement these core characters first, and expand to including the other ones as we have time to do so. This means while you're guaranteed to be able to play 3 different classes (with some super-slick customization options!), there may be up to 8 characters to choose from, all with their own flavor of ass-kickery.

Now, for some questions. I'm thinking for the machinist that he could have a couple options for weapons: Gun or Wrench. Guns do more damage, but wrenches give a bonus to your creations. What do you all think?

Also, If we can't include the characters in the release, should we offer the rest as DLC, or create an expansion that gives the extra characters and makes the world a good bit bigger, with more lives to save and problems to solve?

That's all for now! Leave me some answers, and even more questions, and I will reply to them in my next post about the project.


Bigshanks BSc said...

Just discovered your blog mate, lots of good posts here and its helping me build my new rig. Keep up the good work!

Miki said...

i too just stubbled on your blog i think i need to look at your previous blogs lol

pv said...

good work man, hope everything goes as planned

Al3xaG said...

On the gun and wrench sounds good! as long as it reminds balanced at the end.

Also I like expansions more, DLC is a bit annoying.

Shaw said...

I would need to know more about the game. If there has to be a choice between a gun and a wrench and the machinist can't have both, I say wrench since it fits more with the class.

Jason said...

Excellent post, look forward to reading you're next update!

LoneIslander said...

Go with the wrench. Guns are overplayed

Also, Following.

tamezisclutch said...

Just finished looking though your blogs they're pretty cool +1

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