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The Project: Talking About The Game

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I have been asked and asked and asked to provide more details on the game I'm working on. I can't say too much just yet of course, but here's what I can tell you:

The influence behind the game comes from many different sources. The want to make the game comes from this old game designing program that we had on my moms old Tandy 1000 HX computer. I wasn't able to do much with it, but found right then that I really wanted to make games. The specific design for games comes from my love of Tolkien-esque worlds. The fantasy worlds have always been a draw to me, especially ones that offer a sort of steampunk theme as well. The genre was first introduced to me with the Diablo and Baldur's Gate games, then later on, from games such as Titan Quest and Torchlight.

It's going to be an Isometric view Action RPG. The turn-based style of play is something that I don't think I want to see anywhere outside of the Final Fantasy realm. The skill learning system will be neither trainer-based nor talent-tree based, and instead will be one that grants you abilities as you use abilities in the same "family." When the project makes enough headway, I'll be able to release to you guys the working title and maybe the number of classes, depending on how far along we are. I am meeting a possible artist tomorrow, and if everything goes well, I will be able to start with art production!


Magixx said...

thats nice, keep it up

Anonymous said...

Good luck with whatever your doing. Wondering what kind of game your doing.

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