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Gaming: Portal 2 Co-Op

Friday, July 15, 2011

Multiplayer is something that most games, in my opinion, need. The second installment of Portal has made me love Valve that much more. I finished playing Portal 2's Co-op mode with my girlfriend last night, and the ending to that is just as great as the ending to the core game. With all of the gestures to use, the pinging tool, and the imaginative test chambers, I have to say I think I've had more fun in Co-op in this game than I've had with any other.

I do, however, have a few gripes. The Robot Enrichment Center, from what I hear, is only going to be PC-to-PC available. So while I can play with my girlfriend through my computer and her PS3, neither of us can use the Robot Enrichment Enhancements. On top of this, even though I'm fairly certain that valve makes enough money not to need this, they have made almost all of the stuff from the Robot Enrichment stuff you have to pay for. To me, microtransactions can ruin a game. If, for example, those items were available by unlocking certain achievements instead, then I wouldn't see a problem with it. However, from what I gather, this is not the case.

Valve: Make the Robot Enrichment work cross platform, and stop with the microtransactions. Gabe Newell has much more genius available to work with, and pulling a stunt like that only makes people dislike you.


Thoon said...

Eh, only add a multiplayer if it will help the game. too many people dilute effort to include one when unneeded.

When well done, they're great though.

Valve's new habit of microtransactions aren't.

Chicarmoire said...

I want my robot safety glasses. I feel guilty we saved science, GLaDOS now has more humans to torture. I don't consider that saving science so much as feeding the monster.

badscribbler said...

One problem with differnt systems is how the systems work. Not quite sure what problems could come up with between PS3s and PCs I'm sure Valve doesn't want to deal with them.

Though with that said I loved multilayer I hear Valve is only going to focus on such things in the future. Not sure on that.

I think I'll follow you too.

Magixx said...

thats nice!
I like your blog, too, buddy!
keep it up +followed

gog said...

I like your blog :)

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